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- To Victory - by LeSoldatMort - To Victory - by LeSoldatMort
I felt so much like speedpainting a battle after 452108005th hearing of 300 soundtrack - To Victory
Concept based on a dream I had.


See me painting this here: [link]

Time took: about 40 minutes.

full view not needed.
Thanks everyone who comment <3
[link] ;3
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wingsofwrath Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So, you dreamt you were fighting Waterloo? That happened* to me too a few times after intense reenactments. Especially a WW2 one in Orechov, where I almost got run over by a tank. You Czech people sure know how to make exciting reenactment events...

*not Waterloo, obviously. I doubt the Austrian Grenzers were very much involved in that one.
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I can't really say what I've been dreaming of 3 years ago, but I guess it was something like this, and it was before I started reenactment, so I don't have any idea where could I get it from. >>
Thank you, tho I'm not familliar with WW2 reenactments, I'm doing only Napoleonic one. And for that, it has been said that we have the best regiments in whole Europe when talking about drill and mobility on the battlefield. If I can admit, I'm starting to realize it, heh.
wingsofwrath Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
heh. I also do Napoleonic ones, I reenact the Wallachian Grenz Infanterie regiment Nr.17 "Nasaud". The 2nd battalion from this regiment held the bridge at Arcole in 1796 (along with a regiment of Croat Grenzers), captured 350 French prisoners and forced Napoleon back, albeit with appalling losses- 395 dead and missing, including 6 officers, and 654 wounded, almost 50% of the unit's total strength. Another battalion, the 3rd, saw action at Albaredo, covering the Austrian retreat.

Here are some pictures with us from our forum (sorry, the text itself is in Romanian): [link]

I can vouch for Czech excellence as far as the military is concerned, I have been to multiple reenactments in the Czech Republic, although mainly WW2 because the Romanian Army saw action in the Czechoslovakia in 1944-45 on the Allied side.
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the link and info!
Any chance you will be at Jena this weekend? It would be nice to meet another reenactor from internet <: Or Austerlitz?
wingsofwrath Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope, sorry. I was supposed to go to Sevastopol for some WW2 stuff on the 26th with the rest of my group, but family business prevent me to attend even that. Besides, there were no Austrians at Jena, anyway...
As for Austerlitz, we haven't decided yet. Our regiment wasn't there but some of our guys might attend anyway, they did in earlier years. I, most likely, will give it a miss though.
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ah well, some regiments attend Austerlitz (not only) even tho the real ones weren't there, but it's always good to see bigger number of soldiers on the battlefield. Of course it depends on an opinion if it's better to not be historically accurate or to be better-looking attraction for the audience...
That's a pity. Maybe some other time C:
wingsofwrath Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, when we do meet, I look forward to looking at you down the barrel of a loaded musket, since, after all, you're a French Grenadier, and I an Austrian Grenzer...
pIRATebAbY Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
just wow....

you must have some real nice dreams....inspiring i mean......thinking bout it....i dont get many of those now :(
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Well, I get dreams like this really, i mean REALLY rarely..and when I get such I must archive it ;3
I wish I could have them often. I'm always dreaming about coming late somewhere, or missing tramway to skool etc.. aghr i hate that ><
pIRATebAbY Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
itw not faaaiiir *sob*
well im late for stuff anyway...its bad i no...i do try and set out earlier :( but at least im not late for work :D

dreams.....i wonder what'll dream tonight. I've just filled my head with two new animes...Ouran High Host Club, and Paradise Kiss which i am loving....but i'll prob dream bout some random crap to be honest ¬¬
Akrit Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
Wow...I just say wow...
Lysandr-a Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Tozhle se mi ale desne libi : D Je to vazne fajn, a ma to skvelou atmosferu : )
...docela ti zavidim, ze se ti zdaji sny z prostredi tvych charakteru, to me nikdy : D Musim snit ve dne.
LeSoldatMort Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008  Student Digital Artist
No, hele, ty sny, to je rare, spis se mi zdaj nesmyslny kokotiny, ktery obcas pak po probuzeni napisu na LJ xD Takze kdyz se mi zda neco z prostredi mejch charakteru, jasam a musim to zvecnit : D
Jinak taky spis snim ve dne xD
DEADClouds Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
tttroy Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
yuuuuu aaaar speeeedpaintar ;A; :heart: :heart: :heart:
looks great, i bet you will be really good speedpainter like all those people we/i hate/love soon
DreamingWithin Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
you really captured the moment of action rai \o/ c'est fantastique o_o
andrekosslick Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your drawing is reminded one me very dynamically in the expression and the French Kürassier highly to horse of the large battles of the Napoleonic wars 1806-1815 (Waterloo, Leipzig). But also the horror of the war is expressed well, through which terrible gold shining wall of bayonet, in which the
victory certain horseman plunges into such as a gigantic sword too deaths. Drawing impressionistic my respect for this exaktly ArtPainting.
sayo Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Student
Now this picture just screams EPIC!
GoalieBagheera Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yea, absolutely epic!
I saw the youtube one its like OMG
teach me MOAR!! xD
I should definately get to Praha fer mah bday and then I take tablet big time!
We must find a way. I SHALLL GET TO FRICKIN PRAHA FER MAH BDAYè!!!! -but my dad is like almost convinced, so PREPARE 8DDDDDDDD-

Helonzyz Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! For a speed paint this is really amazing! I agree, truly EPIC! ^^
Momochan666 Featured By Owner May 26, 2008  Professional
Wow, nice (and actually epic xD )
The Horse and the man on it are very well done...
... I love to see video works in progress... thank for sharing! ^^
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